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The collection TEO LED upholstered bed:
This is a piece of furniture for demanding people who are looking for high quality combined with excellent design. Thanks to the minimalist form, the piece of furniture can be adapted to various styles of interior design. All you have to do is choose a gray material to get a bed perfect for a Scandinavian arrangement or a black upholstery to match the piece of furniture to an industrial bedroom. You can easily match this model to any style you have planned in the interior. The advantage of the TEO LED bed is not only the minimalist design, but also the comfort provided by the innovative construction

The LEO LED upholstered bed - the perfect choice for any bedroom
Thanks to the minimalist design and the possibility of choosing the fabric yourself, this beautiful bed will fit into any bedroom. By choosing beige upholstery, you will get a piece of furniture perfect for a classic interior. By choosing a marine shade, you will break the Scandinavian decor in subdued colors. The upholstered TEO LED bed will provide you with not only a wonderful arrangement of this room intended for rest, but also comfort during relaxation. The profiled headrest will make reading a book or working on a laptop in the evening comfortable. Importantly, the headboard protects the wall from dirt. The advantage of the TEO LED bed is its durability, thanks to which the piece of furniture will decorate the bedroom for many years.

Built-in LED lighting
Thanks to the built-in LED lighting, you will set the mood during the evening rest in the bedroom. The amazing design goes hand in hand with comfort and functionality, because the incident light will perfectly illuminate the space while reading your favorite book. Thanks to LED technology, power consumption will certainly be lower than when using a night lamp or overhead light. Technical data
Assembly: independent
Height: 132 cm
Depth: 215 cm
140cm, 160cm, 180cm, 200cm
Frame made of wood and 18 mm plywood and 22 mm double board Frame covered with 1 cm thick and 200 g oval foam
sleeping area:
140x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm, 200x200cm
Legs (height): 5 cm
Frame included: Optional
Bedding container: Optional
Mattress included: Optional

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