Collection VIRGINIA sofa 3 seat with sleeping function

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Collection Virginia 3 seater sofa WITH SLEEPING FUNCTION

The chesterfield collection sofa Virginia
The VIRGINIA chesterfield sofa with a sleeping function is a unique proposition for lovers of vintage style. This unusual piece of furniture combines the classic chesterfield design with modern solutions, such as a sleeping function. The VIRGINIA sofa has a solid wooden frame that guarantees its stability and durability. The lower slat and the backrest are quilted, additionally upholstered with a pleasant material or ecological leather. The sofa has wooden legs that will not cause any problems during assembly. Chesterfield VIRGINIA is the perfect piece of furniture for the living room or bedroom.

Sleeping function
The sleeping function in the chesterfield Felix sofa has been designed so that its use is fully comfortable. Thanks to solid and durable automatic machines built into the sleeping function, every household member will benefit from it,
easily put into its deployment.

The right thickness of the mattress will make you relax after a hard day at work and you will not experience any problems with sleeping and back pain.

Specifications: Collection Virginia 3 seater sofa WITH SLEEPING FUNCTION
Assembly: independent
Sleeping area: 128 cm x 188 cm
Number of packages: 1
Sleeping function: yes
Height: 72 cm
Width: 203 cm
Depth: 86 cm
Seat (height): 45 cm
Seat (width): 150 cm
Legs (height): 8 cm
Legs: wooden

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