chesterfield sofa VINCENT 3 seat with sleeping function

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Chesterfield sofa VINCENT 3 seat with sleeping function


The sofa COLLECTION VINENT is a key element of the design of the living room and room. Created for perfect rest and comfort, it will make the element that is supposed to delight the eye become the most frequently used item in the whole house. The CHESTERFIELD VINCENT quilted sofa is an unusual combination of elegance, luxury and extravagance. Its main features include durability and originality of design. It has a beautifully quilted backrest, sides and bottom slat. The English style is more and more often present in our homes, reminding us of the warmth of home with family and friends.

CHESTERFIELD VINCENT three-seater sofa - a classic, elegant look in a glamor style

The key element of every living room is a sofa or couch. This is where you spend the most time when resting. If you are into glamor and elegance and your living room is to take on a chic look reminiscent of luxury and a very high standard, the CHESTERFIELD VINCENT sofa will be for you. The whole is made in a style derived from English corners, which is characterized by harmony and details of the highest class. It is complemented by the furniture symbol of this style, i.e. a quilted chesterfield finish. The classic, luxurious appearance is due to discreet decorations, and the rounded edges of the sides and backrest give the body of elegance.

Everything combines into classics, style and universality. Let yourself be enchanted by the collection of beautiful VINCENT furniture, which, designed with attention to every detail, will beautify your rooms. Extraordinary attention to detail distinguishes the piece of furniture from others.

Assembly: independent : Chesterfield sofa VINCENT 3 seat with sleeping function

Sleeping area: 128cm x 188cm

Number of packages: 1
Sleeping function: yes
Height: 78 cm
Width: 203 cm
Depth: 87 cm
Seat (height): 50 cm
Seat (width): 50 cm
Legs (height): 13 cm
Legs: wooden

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