Corner sofa chesterfield collection NEVADA 3+E+1 or 1+E+3

£2,490.00 £1,780.00

Corner sofa chesterfield collection NEVADA 3+E+1 or 1+E+3

The Corner sofa NEVADA 3+E+1 - comfort, design and convenience at the highest level!
The advantage of our corner sofas is their affordable price for every customer, not to mention the modern look and other advantages. Aesthetic and made at the highest level - they will certainly encourage every customer to buy and he will be able to feel satisfaction from having our products!

The NEVADA corner combines simplicity with modern design, thanks to which it gives the interior not only a feeling of cosiness, but also warmth. Unfortunately, due to its size - it does not fit into small interiors. However, it has a whole range of other advantages, among which we must mention: high-quality upholstery in a very wide range of colors, universality - the piece of furniture fits most interiors, easy assembly (self-assembly). The corner is fully upholstered, which makes it look even more attractive.

The cornea is made of high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to damage.

The NEVADA quilted corner is a piece of furniture that combines functionality and aesthetics. It is an ideal proposition for people who value comfort and like to surround themselves with beautiful things.



Technical data  CORNER NEVADA
Assembly: self-contained
Number of packages:3
Corner type: With side selection  3+E+1 or 1+E+3
Shape: L-shaped
Height: 73 cm
Width: 328 cm
Depth: 208 cm
Seat (height): 45 cm
Seat (width): 61 cm
Seat (depth): 65 cm
Legs (height): 13 cm
Seat material: HR-40 foam
Legs: metal
Back material : T-30 foam

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