COLLECTION COLORADO chesterfield 3 seat

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Do you want to feel the French atmosphere of luxury in your own living room? You have the opportunity right now. Sofa in a modern edition, i.e. COLORADO is a perfect example of combining the classic design of the legendary Chesterfield sofas with modern design.
A characteristic feature of the sofa presented by us is, above all, a soft and comfortable seat and backrest, thanks to which you will get an incredible sense of comfort.
A quilted sofa from the COLORADO COLLECTION with quilting made for timeless arrangements. It fits perfectly with the current interior design trends. Thanks to the materials used, such as a corrugated spring and highly elastic foam, the sofa is extremely comfortable and comfortable. The Bentley quilted sofa certainly fits in the glamor, modern and classic style. Thanks to the choice of color and structure of the fabric, you can easily match the sofa to your living room.

Effective quilting has been used in the presented model. They are located on the entire surface of the furniture. Thanks to this, the corner design is original and unique. Subtly made quilting put the piece of furniture in the light of luxury. The sofa has been mounted on almost invisible legs, which are designed to support the entire body, which makes a stunning effect.

Upholstered furniture
You will undoubtedly be delighted with our wide range of fabrics and patterns of upholstered furniture. Thanks to this, regardless of the arrangement style you have chosen, the quilted furniture from our offer will be perfect for any room. It is up to you how you will compose the main showcase of the interior, whether it will be in timeless fabric or elegant ecological leather that will introduce a luxurious mood. Regardless of your decision, we will always find a solution for your needs.

Assembly: independent
Number of packages: 1
Height: 72 cm
Width: 230 cm
Depth: 100 cm
Seat (height): 40 cmFor production, we recommend effective and durable fabrics from our collections, which can be seen on our website by opening the link
1 collection - RHODOS  chenille
2 collection - CAPRI velvet
3 collection - JAMAICA plush velvet
4 collection - PLATINIUM velvet
5 collection - CRABI structured velvet
6 collection - ROMA structured linen
7 collection - ETERNO antique faux leather
8 collection - FRESH velvet
9 collection - COUNTRY antique faux leather
10 collection - BALI structured velvet
11 collection - MANILA plain velvet
12 collection - CANCUN structured  velvet