footstool flat top bench coffee table linen oatmeal size 88cm x 88cm x h 40cm

£249.00 £218.00

                     NEW LARGE MODERN HANDMADE

             FLAT  TOP  OATMEAL LINEN HUGO BOSS FABRIC                                  INARI22 COLOUR

        MODERN FOOTSTOOL  100% by handmade - not sewn.


         This footstool was purchased on 04/09/2014 for a television program BBC2

The Great Interior Design Challenge 
   Will be presented in the BBC2 
The Great Interior Design Challenge 
The final is being filmed in Cambria next week in an exquisite Staley Home called Holme Eden Hall. Built in 1837 in the style of an early Tudor mansion for a family of cotton barons, The Dixons. It was designed by the greatest northern architect of the day, John Dobson, who was Responsible for the remodeling of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. Holme Eden was designed as a 'calendar house' - one of only three surviving in the UK. The principle of the calendar house Is That the number of external doors, windows or panes of glass, chimneys, or staircases etc should total either 4 (the number seasons), 7 (days in a week), 12 (months in a year) , or 365 (days in a year), Holme Eden boasts 365 windows and 12 chimneys. Dobson used gilded ceilings, ornate woodwork and carved fireplaces in Holme Eden. The original building boasted a magistrate's room and 36 bed and dressing rooms. It also had stables in the basement with a tunnel running under the garden to allow carriages access to the central courtyard. 
The series is due air on BBC2 in late Autumn 2014. 
Additional info about the series:



                                                                              To your room together with the well-designed  Modern Ottomans Footstool. 

                                                                             This large,  ottoman - footstool softens the space with its lack of angles and its versatile,



Manufactured in United Kingdom

Product Specifications

Width 88cm

Depth 88cm

Height 40cm

Hugo Boss upholstery fabric INARI22 COLOUR 



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